our vision

our vision

myOlibaby is the organic supplement your baby needs

The ecological extra virgin olive oil myOlibaby ensures that your baby grows strong and healthy. Our product gives you the energy you need at such a young age in a healthy and natural way, free of chemicals products.

Our involvement in the process begins in the fields and we insure everything develops in a natural manner. Hence one of our hallmarks are the sheep. We like their integration and activity into the process. Also their collaboration is essential in the care and maintenance of the fields. This element makes our olive oil different and special. myOlibaby protects the environment and contributes to the ecological way to a better world.

myOlibaby is involved in the entire production process, we take care of the environment and we are also concerned that everything happens in an ecological environment. For this, as parents who seek the best for our kids, we actively collaborate with workers from exploitation to transport myOlibaby from the grove to your home.

We are sure that the features and properties of myOlibaby make it a key element in feeding your baby, giving all the nutrients and energy needed in their first months of life. myOlibaby enriches and increases the flavour of food which ensures that your baby does not leave anything on the plate.