• Why did we create myOlibaby?

    We want to offer our children the best natural resources that exist on Earth to grow strong and healthy.
    We want our babies are developed through healthy nutrition and organic and environmentally sustainable foods.
  • How do we do it?

    We found a very special place in the land of Andalusia in Spain, where we have developed the best production of organic extra virgin olive oil in the World.
    This oil is produced by 5,000 olive trees with over 400 years old, in the mountain, where these trees struggle for light and oxygen, and in return they give us this precious golden liquid.
    Now that’s sustainability! These olive trees have been producing olives for generations, without chemicals, only with rainwater. Yes, there are 150 sheep that are responsible for having a clean and fertile field. It’s a closed cycle!
  • What is myOlibaby?

    It is the best organic extra virgin olive oil of the World.
    It is ideal for babies for its mild flavour, vitamin-E and energy for their development.
    You can find it dosed in daily quantities needed for your babies, and used directly in their meals. It is user-friendly.
  • Where does our ecological extra virgin olive oil specially for children come from

    myOlibaby is 100% Spanish. Our olives are collected directly from our farms in the region of Andalucía.

  • Do you have ecological certification?

    myOlibaby is an olive oil that respects all ecological process, from the olive groves until the arrival of the product to your house. In fact we have official certifications that ensure quality and respect of the process. 

  • How can you buy the olive oil for your children on our website?

    The purchase is through our website very easily. You choose your product (a simple box or an offer), which will be added to your cart. Then you will have to provide certain information such as your name, surname, email, etc.. Do not worry, our system of online sales respects the data protection legislation and guarantees you security from any country.

  • What should I do, if you do not ship to my country?

    myOlibaby is present in over 10 countries. In the event that your destination is not on the list, contact us to find a way to send it to you. We are developing a distribution network as wide as possible!

  • What do sheep do in the field?

    Well, they sleep quite a lot, but the truth is that they are very useful to us because it guarantees us a part of the ecologic production. The sheep ensure the maintenance of the field without adding chemical products.

  • How much olive oil should I use for my child?

    This is the big question for parents. For myOlibaby it was also very important to know exactly what the proper amount was. After a year of research and with the help of professionals, we have concluded that the perfect dose is 5 ml. This is the amount necessary and sufficient to include in the diet of children.

  • In what moment of the day is more convenient to use our ecological extra virgin olive oil?

    myOlibaby can be used in all meals of your children.

  • Where should I keep my box of olive oil?

    You must not put the box in the fridge; the proper temperature is room temperature. And thanks to our packaging, the oil is protected from light. (This element is one of the most negative factors for oil, and is highly damaging to the preservation)

  • I would like to receive offers and advice, do you have a Newsletter?

    myOlibaby propose you to subscribe through our website to receive our Newsletter and be informed of our offers and tips throughout the year. And for any other questions or special advice you need, you can fill in our contact form.