About us

We are an ecological company that offers a quality organic product. After several studies myOlibaby has managed to put at your disposal an ecological extra virgin olive oil of high quality for your children.

Our team, made up of Parents, found in olive oil organic extra virgin, the best way to support your baby’s development.

Our olive oil rich in Omega 3 produced in the fields of Andalucía in Spain has all the necessary features for the development of your child. Each of our boxes of olive oil is full of essential vitamins for the growth of your baby. We wanted to help parents in the nutrition of their children and to help in their development by providing an essential nutrient. 

After spending a year in the South of Spain researching we found the perfect location that met our ecological philosophy and our standards of high quality, to provide what our children need in their daily diet. After a year of research on the routes of the “South” of Spain, we found the perfect location according to our ecological philosophy and with the needs of high quality that our children need in their daily diet.

Our factory is surrounded by thousands of olive trees that require daily care for them as much as our own children. With the active collaboration of sheep (they help a lot) the olive trees produce spectacular olive oil, light with typical flavours. And thanks to our ecological process they retain all their energy properties.

We also offer you our ecological extra virgin olive oil in an innovative packaging, which is clean and keeps all the properties of the olive oil intact. We have taken great care to find the best oil, but we also wanted the packaging to be different, easy to use and practical.